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How to Earn Free Crypto?

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There are a number of ways that have come up that allow you to earn free crypto online. Some require actions, others to subscribe or follow media. Either way, this list will help get through the easiest and most rewarding ways to earn free crypto.

Popular earning methods to earn cryptocurrencies online

Before going through them in detail, let’s see what they are and what to expect.


Crypto mining refers to the validation of the blockchain. It requires allocating computing power to the chain. It has begun with Bitcoin, but many other cryptocurrencies now function similarly. They reward miners with the native currency that is being validated.


Staking is similar to earning an interest in the bank. It is a percentage reward on the deposit amount. Crypto offers a much higher APY as projects that offer these rewards require funding for development.

Yield farming

Yield farming is a more advanced version of earning interest. It involves searching for the highest APY that can be gained from available assets. Here crypto enthusiasts use more progressive methods to generate returns. Such as liquidity farming, dual investments, and many other solutions offered through DeFi.

Free crypto

Airdrops and Faucets are perhaps the easiest way to get free crypto. Those are services that offer a small amount of coins or tokens for their users for free. Supplied from ads or donations, people that have a wallet in the coin that is being distributed get a small amount from the share. This serves to promote a service or a new token that is being airdropped.

Play games to earn

Fun and easy way to earn some free crypto by playing online games. Many games now run on blockchain or utilize NFTs. Those reward their players for the time and success in the game with underlying crypto assets. Some reward for playtime, others require winning and promote competition, but it is a fun way to pass time and earn a bit while doing so.

Community and Social activities

Community participation rewards and social activities. Posting informative and educational content or even memes in some communities can get you a reward based on popularity. Some communities even post bounties and minor tasks that are open for the public to compete and earn cryptocurrencies in the process.

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