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How to start earning crypto from socializing online


Set up an account and have some media prepared, that’s all you need to start earning tokens online. It can be informative articles, market analysis, latest news, jokes, or funny gifs. As long as it gains traction with other users, a reward can become substantial.

Posting on Reddit

In r/CryptoCurrecy sub, the number of upvotes will determine your rewards. MOONs are the token distributed from an allotted pool to all users that gained karma for their contribution to the channel. Doge or Nano subs have set up tipping systems where users that enjoyed your post or comment can share some of their coins.


Earn crypto by blogging at reading posts. Create your own blog for publishing or go through existing articles and tip their authors. Through the on-platform Tips system, every reader can share a prize with the author. Those tips are free and come from a rewards pool.


A blockchain-based public content platform. It promotes social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. Creation of content, answers to questions, or commentary are rewarded in STEEM tokens. 

NFT marketplaces

For those with a more artistic nature, many websites offer to sell artwork, images, collectibles, and other forms of art as NFTs. OpenSea or Rarible are good examples of marketplaces where artists are able to trade their creations. A creative person with some unique ideas can have great success online thanks to blockchain.

How free is it?

There is hardly anything altruistic in the aforementioned ways to earn online. Some of these websites seek popularity, others ad revenue or commissions from transactions. Yet, if all involved participate in good faith, it is easily a win-win-win for content creators, consumers, and the platform itself.

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