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Play to earn crypto gaming for rewards


Play to earn crypto games is somewhat of a paradigm shift. Gaming has always been either a free-to-play or pay-to-play sector, split by spending real money. In-game it could be purely cosmetic or not possible at all, other games had success paywalled behind purchasing premium items or boosters. With crypto, play-to-earn has emerged. Now you can enjoy a game, play for a while, and get paid for doing that!

How can that be possible at all?

Here is the real question: why would anyone pay others to use their product that is free? Contemporary internet trends have shown that stimulated interest and usage of a platform increases its value. Thereby creating a positive usage loop from the popularity that continuously attracts new users. In simple terms, these platforms attract attention hoping to sell more of their product or service by providing an attraction from play to earn crypto games.

Existing titles

It is important to note, that many of these are still in development or beta release versions and the industry of pay-to-earn games is half-grown. Axie Infinity, NanoQuakeJs , Splinterlands, Gods Unchained, Crypto Royal, Illuvium, and The Sandbox are leading in popularity.

Online services

Not only games have used a similar model. Brave browser has equal utility to any other browser but prioritizes privacy and filtering ads. Beyond that, you can enable seeing their native advertisements which will earn you BAT the token of the platform. Alternatively, WeNano – similar to Pokémon GO, promotes exploring marked locations in real life and rewards with NANO.

A warning

Some of these play to earn crypto games may require an initial buy-in of some sort, a paid subscription, or a deposit with a lockup. These are to be avoided, at this stage, it seems extremely unlikely that a blockchain gaming project that could be worth investing in would be legitimate.

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