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Crypto Airdrop and Faucets

Crypto Airdrop and Faucets - Photo 1

Both methods are as simple as they get to earn some coins online. Services offer a small crypto reward for users that participate in online activities. The main idea is to promote certain projects or cryptocurrencies overall and reach more people. Be it through crypto airdrops or getting rewarded from faucets the you earn a tiny amount of free crypto, but they can stack up if you are browsing a lot or just stay behind a computer for much of the day.


Function on a straightforward premise – small task = small reward. After registering with a wallet address on the service, a list of activities is presented. Browsing the website, using their tools, guessing quizzes, clicking links (watch out!), filling a captcha, or numerous other simple tasks.

Crypto Airdrops 

Those are a reward often offered by new participants in the digital world. They can be in some native token or already well-established ones. In any case, their primary goal is to draw attention. Some existing projects occasionally offer airdrops to increase circulating supply or stimulate trade. As little as a sign-up to the affair is often enough to be enlisted for a reward. The projects get free marketing, you get free crypto!

Is there a catch?

Any currency only has value as long as there is trust and recognition of worth. Attracting more people to ownership is a boost to adoption, popularity, and rising price. Rewards can range from a few cents to several dollars’ worth. It’s always great to be not only early in a promising project but to also gain some of it for free. Crypto airdrops and Faucets are a great way to find new coins and help up-and-coming projects.


As long as you don’t share any personal data, invest more from your personal funds into shady projects and click on suspicious links, there is no harm in earning some free and easy crypto.

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