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Uniswap Wallet

Take full control of your digital assets with Simple App. Our user-friendly interface lets you receive, send, store, and even exchange your cryptocurrency with ease.

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Purchase and Safeguard Your Uniswap Seamlessly with Simple App

Using Simple App, buying Uniswap has never been easier or more secure. All you need is a credit or debit card to make a safe purchase directly within the app. Store your Uniswap securely and conveniently with Simple App, your go-to solution for cryptocurrency management.

What is a Uniswap Wallet?

Uniswap is a set of smart contracts. These smart contracts define how the creation of liquidity pools, the provision of liquidity to the pools as a provider, and the actual exchange of assets occur. Each liquidity pool contains two assets. The pools keep track of the total reserves of available liquidity and those pricing strategies set by the liquidity providers. Reserves and prices are updated automatically every time someone makes a trade. The decentralization of the protocol lies in the fact that there is no central book of applications, a third-party depository, and a private mechanism for agreeing applications. Pool reserves are automatically rebalanced after each trade, so Uniswap can be used to buy or sell a token at any time. The Uniswap wallet is a secure and convenient way to store and exchange Ethereum-based tokens. This is a non-custodial wallet, which means you own your private keys, and your funds are never stored on our servers. The UNI wallet is also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface.

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