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Sandbox Wallet

Take full control of your digital assets with Simple App. Our user-friendly interface lets you receive, send, store, and even exchange your cryptocurrency with ease.

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Purchase and Safeguard Your Sandbox Seamlessly with Simple App

Using Simple App, buying Sandbox has never been easier or more secure. All you need is a credit or debit card to make a safe purchase directly within the app. Store your Sandbox securely and conveniently with Simple App, your go-to solution for cryptocurrency management.

What is a Sandbox Wallet?

The Sandbox Game is a massively multiplayer online game employing blockchain technology with decentralized finance (DeFi) components and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Sandbox is a game metaverse in which players can buy and sell "Lands," create and sell their "Assets" - NFT tokens and participate in project management, defining the vector of its further development. Simply put, a cryptocurrency wallet is software that stores and manages your cryptocurrencies and tokens such as $SAND, LAND, GEM, ETH (Ethereum), MATIC, and BTC (Bitcoin). They also allow relations with blockchain technologies. Sandbox wallet keeps your crypto assets secure by encrypting your private keys and mixing this with robust security measures. Even if you lose your mobile phone, your money will remain safe, and you can always restore access from another device. The project's name translates as "Sandbox," which reflects its essence - creating a basis for implementing new gaming products. The Sandbox bills itself as a platform for creating and monetizing gaming experiences, where participants create their games and entire virtual worlds, with the creators having ownership of their creations.

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