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What is Simple?

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An outstanding platform that makes crypto Simple. We reduce the complexities of cryptocurrencies, creating a new approach to buying crypto assets and learning about them. For crypto to become widely adopted, it must establish trust, provide security and ease of access.

We take it into our hands to research projects before listing them, gather and make available the most relevant analysis and news. Our mission is to make finance Simple.

Why chose us?

  1. Safety of funds. Simple is regulated within the EU as a custodian wallet operator. We utilize industry-leading tech to ensure the safety of all assets on the platform. 
  2. Transfer protection. Sending crypto within the app is easier than ever; send by phone number anywhere worldwide with 0 fees. For transfer by wallet, the app will actively check if the selected chain is correct and the destination wallet is valid.
  3. Expense reduction. Fees are the worst part of every transaction, we have taken steps to minimize or avoid them wherever possible. Sending funds within the app is entirely free. All other transactions are completely clear about the fees that will be paid, and the outcome is displayed before confirming anything.
  4. Information feed.* Simple app is appropriate to all, a novice to the market and a crypto expert. This is done by layering the available information, with the basics right at the front. But for those who want to dig deeper, the help center, blog, news, educational platform, and analytics are easily reached. The content is created by crypto experts to be most beneficial and informative.
  5. Debit card.* Spending crypto is often still a struggle; few merchants accept such payments. Simple Visa card solves that! If at the point of payment, only fiat currency is accepted, the card will instantly convert the crypto allocated for payments into any other currency. With full support of Apple Pay and numerous benefits: cashback, exclusive deals, partnered discounts and promotions.

Best Features

Simple aims to provide utility across the entire financial infrastructure. Here is a list of some awesome features available or those that will soon be added:

  • Swap any crypto! Already facilitating more than 200 crypto pairs, every new coin or token added to the platform is cross paired with all others.
  • Free global crypto transfers within the app.
  • Recurring buy automates your crypto purchase. Choose the amount and frequency, the asset you desire will be bought precisely at that time automatically. A great way to control emotions and have an ongoing Dollar-Cost Averaging strategy.
  • A referral program. Introduce friends to get a fee share from their trades. They will also get a reward for joining from your invitation.
  • Cross-platform portfolio tracking. If you have multiple wallets or use different exchanges, Simple API allows you to monitor all your holdings on one screen.
  • Our own native SIMPL token designed to boost every feature in the app and offer fantastic rewards to all holders.
  • Crypto Sets, similar to ETFs, provide an easy-to-follow asset class with built-in diversification and exposure to different cryptocurrency sectors.
  • Gamification to make opening the app exciting and earn some extra crypto in the process. Tasks, challenges, competitions, events, and promotions that reward the most active users.
  • NFTs are still trending but also offer benefits on the platform. Trade on the marketplace or customize your account.
  • A human-to-human support team dedicated to assisting you 24/7.

Join now!

Download the app and try it yourself. Join a great community and an incredible new crypto experience. You will find much more than can be explained here. Learn more with us, or start right away. Time in the market has always been superior than timing the market.

* Some features are still in development and may not yet be available to all users. Our developers work hard to bring you the most outstanding services and technologies in the nearest future.

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